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It's so hard to find quality gear for a decent price but you guys have done it! The Range Ready Bag is perfect for my job.
~ IronHead Hank



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Semper Fi Depot provides a wide selection of military clothing and tactical gear, with shipment to North Carolina, Texas, and areas all over the country as well as abroad. Our products are highly sought-after by military personnel, law enforcement officials, and recreational shooters all over the country. Whether you are looking for uniform accessories, eyewear, footwear, field equipment, tactical gear, knives and tools, medical supplies, ammo, or another item, our military equipment suppliers have the product you need. To learn more about our military clothing and tactical gear, contact Semper Fi Depot in San Diego.

10x26 Predator Pro 236 10x267x50 Military R 540 7x5010x50 Military R 536 10x50
10x26 Predator Pro 236 10x26
7x50 Military R 540 7x50
10x50 Military R 536 10x50
10x42 Police 645 10x4210x50 Police 648 10x5010X42 Predator C5 Green 10x42
10x42 Police 645 10x42
10x50 Police 648 10x50
10X42 Predator C5 Green 10x42
8x30 Predator Pro Green 8x3012x40 Predator Pro Green 12x40
8x30 Predator Pro Green 8x30
12x40 Predator Pro Green 12x40

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Whether you are looking for army navy surplus, law enforcement gear, tactical gear, or another item, Semper Fi Depot can provide the product you need. Contact Semper Fi Depot to learn more about our specials, convenient online ordering system, and shipping options for military apparel and other items. We ship to San Diego, North Carolina, Texas, and other locations in the U.S. and abroad.

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